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Sathya Sai School Learner

Welcome to Sathya Sai School

Our school is unique. Love is the primary energy underlying everything at the school. Our teachers love their students and treat them as their own children. Love transforms the students and draws forth the best in them, resulting in caring and capable individuals.

“You teach love to students only through love.”

This focus on transformation through the human values has led us to being ranked #1 in Ontario by the Fraser Institute since 2006. The integration of human values with academic learning allows the development of all aspects of the whole personality.

The five universal human values are key to Sathya Sai School students’ success

Sathya Sai School aims at developing each child's potential by drawing out from the heart the latent human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, and Nonviolence. These values speak to everyone, regardless of religious beliefs. Human values are so important because they allow a child to reach a state of super learning and super-consciousness, where, for example, any child can learn Math.


Values are not a subject taught, but are lived by teachers and become part of all aspects of the Ontario curriculum and the school’s programs. Teachers are role models striving to embody virtuous qualities for the students to emulate. At the same time, students are encouraged to reflect these qualities in their behaviour, whether in the classroom, on field trips, or outside school.

We are pleased to see that our students have a thirst for knowledge and achieve academic success, while also developing compassion and social responsibility.


The Sathya Sai School is filled with happy, confident students who are discovering their inner strength, learning to deal with issues of social justice, and striving to be a positive force in the world, in the midst of the difficulties our society is facing today.

Two children students smiling
Children playing at school

“Mission: to promote Human Excellence in students by balancing character education & academic achievement.”

A blend of both character development and academic knowledge are both needed to unfold the highest potentials within all aspects of each student’s personality.

Sathya Sai School facilitates the development of two wings – character and academics. School programs encourage character education through the cultivation of positive values. The students’ inner growth becomes fertile ground for the seeds of academic knowledge, resulting in the students’ high achievement in learning all components of the Ontario Curriculum.

Child smiling by school food drive poster

“The knowledge you have acquired must be offered in service to the world at large.”

Sathya Sai School nurtures the students’ sense of social responsibility and non-discrimination through various outreach projects. These encourage community service and compassion for others in need. Examples are: visits to nursing homes, organizing food drives for the community, participating in the annual Walk for Values, and doing extra chores at home to raise money for needy children and victims of natural disasters around the world.


We see evidence that our system of education works because it not only develops successful and compassionate students, but also alleviates behavioural problems seen in other schools, such as bullying, stress, anxiety and depression.

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