Daily Schedule for All Grades



7:55-8:45 am

Staggered Entry by Students

8:25 am

8:40 am

Classes Begin

9:45 - 10:00 am

10:00 - 10:15 am

Staggered Recess

11:20 - 12:15 pm

11:35 - 12:30 pm

Staggered Lunch

1:35 - 1:50 pm

1:50 - 2:05 pm

Staggered Recess

3:00 pm

3:15 pm

3:30 pm

Staggered Dismissal

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program runs on a full-day schedule, five days a week. Both Junior and Senior Kindergarten students have a full-day program, five days a week, each with independent classrooms. The Kindergarten Program times have some adjustments to the "Daily Schedule for All Grades" listed above, in order to suit the needs of younger children.

Daily Life

All students from K-8 arrive in the morning, dressed in their Sathya Sai School uniforms. They eagerly greet one another and staff members, ready for a full day of learning and new experiences. A typical day for students and staff at Sathya Sai School begins with a Universal Prayer, announcements, and Light Meditation. This is followed by direct instruction on human values in all classes, through the school’s unique SSEHV program, the focal point being one of the Five Human values.

As the day progresses the value of the day is integrated and presented in an engaging manner through other core subjects. The school uses a two-pronged approach balancing character building and academic excellence and this overarches all activities throughout the day. The school follows the Ontario curriculum framework and focuses on the holistic development, providing students opportunities to build knowledge, skill, attitudes and behaviours that students need in order to be successful learners.

There are 4 learning blocks in the morning before the one-hour lunch break, and 4 blocks after lunch interspersed with 15 minutes of recess both in the morning and afternoon. The Kindergarten program follows a more flexible schedule and allows the students to engage in a full day of learning experiences that develop their investigation and exploration. All the four frames of Integrated Learning in Kindergarten, i.e. Belonging, Engagement, Expression and Well-Being occur through play and inquiry.

Apart from the core subjects, yoga, physical education, music, drama and dance are offered to students from K-8.  French is introduced in JK and from grade 4 it is a core subject taught everyday.

The school also promotes service learning and has a project going on every month during the school year that involves students from all grades to be actively engaged in it. The year starts with the Terry Fox Run, with students promoting the cause of Terry Fox Foundation within their community followed by a food drive and ends with Children Helping Children an event inspired by Ryan Hreljac.


The school also builds community connections for students through visits to Senior Homes in the neighbourhood creating an awareness and healthy interaction between young children and seniors in the society.

Science Fair, Public Speaking Contest, and Year-End Concert give students ample opportunities for projecting their talents and honing their skills.