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Human Values Day

Each year Human Values Day is observed on April 24th. Peace in society can be attained only by each of us embracing the eternal and universal human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and nonviolence. Therefore, for sustainable global peace and happiness, the practice of human values in our daily lives is most important. Provincial and Municipal proclamations are received from across Canada to honour the spirit of Human Values Day.

At Sathya Sai School, Human Values Day is celebrated in two parts. In the morning there are presentations on the life of service rendered by Founder Chancellor Sathya Sai Baba, followed by awards to individuals/organizations in the community who are examples of the practice of Human Values in service to society. In the afternoon, students rotate through the school, taking part in enjoyable values games and activities that are designed by their teachers.

About Human Values Day

Value – from the Latin ‘valere’: ‘to be strong’, ‘to be worth’. Values are attitudes, feelings and convictions’ regarding what is of ‘strong worth’ (important) to us in what we think, say or do. Values are rules for living. Values are similar to the rules that enable birds to flock and fish to swim in shoals. They are deeply held beliefs that a certain way of being or a certain outcome is preferable to another. Values are externally demonstrated through behaviours.


Human Values are the positive, desirable qualities of character – such as honesty, integrity, tolerance, responsibility, compassion, altruism, justice and respect – inherent in all human beings. They are fundamental to human existence and span across cultures, nationalities and classes. Human values cultivate an environment of trust, transparency, responsibility, caring, respect, cooperation, quality, and excellence. They are the internal motivators for people to do their best in line with good character, morality and ethics.

Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Nonviolence

are the fundamental and eternal values inherent in each and every one of us, even as we are sent forth into this world to start our journey through life. These fundamental values encoded within us are, in fact, the Seal of the Divinity latent within us.


Human Values Day Proclamations 2023

Human Values Day Proclamations 2022

Human Values Day Proclamations 2021

CN Tower Light Show April 24


The CN Tower will be lit up for Human Values Day on April 24, 2021 in red and blue.


Lighting begins at sunset, however it won’t become fully visible until the sky darkens sufficiently approximately 30 minutes later.

As it does most evenings, a standard light show will run for 8 minutes at the top of every hour, followed by another light show on the half hour.


The night lighting will be visible on the CN website webcam here.

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