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Sathya Sai students on stage at Children Helping Children event

Children Helping Children Campaign

Children Helping Children campaign is a selfless service project where students will do one month of extra chores and make sacrifices to raise money from family and friends who have agreed to sponsor their work. The money raised by all the students is donated to help children worldwide.

The purpose of the CHC campaign is to provide help to some of the many children around the world who are impoverished, have no education, no family support, have no food, or are victims of natural disasters. The goal is to transform children living in poverty into tomorrow’s leaders.

Children Helping Children (CHC) was inspired by the work of child humanitarian Ryan Hreljac, who at the tender age of 6 began a life-long dedicated mission to bring clean drinking water to the people of Africa.


Ryan began by doing extra chores at home to save up enough money to build a well so that the children in a faraway village in Africa would not die from water-borne diseases. His story, which was published in Reader’s Digest, so impressed the Sathya Sai School  students, that he was invited to the school and visited on April 17, 2001.


To prepare for the visit, the three young classes at the time (JK, SK, Grade 1) worked hard by doing extra chores, and contributed the money to the CHC fund, which was then presented to Ryan during his visit, for the Ryan’s Well Foundation. Since that visit, Sathya Sai School has funded the building of three wells in Africa.


CHC campaign each year instills the spirit of sacrifice in the students, as they gladly give up buying toys, birthday gifts, and other non-essential items, and instead donate this money to the CHC fund.


Students have discovered unusual sacrifices, including girls raising money by cutting their hair for wigs for cancer patients. Parents are asked not to just give the money to their children for CHC – the children have to earn it in some way.


Since then, each year the students at Sathya Sai School have worked hard and sacrificed for children suffering around the world. Each year 10% of the money raised by the students is donated to Ryan’s Wells Foundation and the remaining 90% is donated to a chosen international project to help children.

student drawing of unity
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