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Human Excellence


In order to soar high like a bird, a student must have two strong wings – character and academics. A blend of both character development and academic knowledge is needed to unfold the highest potentials within all aspects of each student’s personality.

The mission of the school is to promote the development of Human Excellence in students by strengthening these two wings and thereby promoting students with good character and high academic achievement. The Sathya Sai School is thus laying the foundation of future generations and building a strong future global civilization.

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Integration of Human Values & Academics

“The purpose of education is to produce this happy blend of the physical and spiritual knowledge and help human excellence to blossom. Thus, the aim of education is total development of man. Make proper use of the knowledge they have acquired so that it benefits society.” ~ Sathya Sai Baba

At Sathya Sai School, teachers are trained to integrate human values into all the subjects they teach, thus widening their students understanding of the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum. Here are two examples by students of value integration:

In Grade 5 students related “Transformational Geometry” to “human transformation. As an example of the concept of Reflection, several students wrote the following:

“What is reflection? In math, reflection is reflecting a figure in a mirror line to create a congruent image. What if we looked at reflection from a different point of view – a view of values?

“Reflection means thinking about our actions and how we can improve ourselves. Reflection is when we flip our lives for the better, such as thinking of possibilities to build our character. Reflection does not have to be with others. It can be with our selves. Reflect on what you do and correct it so we do not do it again, if it is not right.”


Another example of value integration is with a Science Fair project, where a student wrote:

“I associate my project with the Human Value of Love because like the exchange of gases in a plant, we too need to give and receive unconditional Love to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

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