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Thought of the Day

Humility, reverence, compassion, forbearance, sacrifice, and sense-control are the qualities which reveal the outcome of true education.

Sathya Sai Baba

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Address Sathya Sai School
451 Ellesmere Road
Toronto ON Canada
M1R 4E5
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Fama Fund

In October 2008, the students made an ongoing commitment to Fama Seye of Senegal. Our students raise money through personal sacrifices to support Fama and her family. Fama is now five years old, and lives with her mother, three sisters and several other relatives in the community of Ndalarlou. Her family and whole village are really pleased with our relationship. Plan Senegal builds and equips schools and distributes school supplies. Plan also provides scholarships to those children whose parents cannot afford the required school fees – this was a major constraint in the past and now more girls and boys can attend school.Murni Legowati, the school’s former foster child, is doing well and no longer needs our school’s help.


Murni Fund

In February 2002, the students made an ongoing commitment to Murni Legowati, a foster child from Surabaya, Indonesia. Each month the students raised money through personal sacrifices to support Murni and her family. Murni lives with her parents, five brothers and one sister in the community of Wonokusumo. Her favourite games are playing with dolls and singing, and she hopes to become a teacher one day.


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People often think of yoga as postures that stretch and strengthen the body. However, this represents only a small part of what yoga is. Yoga is not only restricted to postures, but is actually made up of eight parts, or limbs. Those eight limbs are:

  1. Restraints,
  2. Observances,
  3. Postures,
  4. Breath control,
  5. Sense control,
  6. Concentration,
  7. Meditation, and
  8. Union with God.

At the Sathya Sai School the students learn to practice the first seven limbs - except breath control - and are aware of the eighth. They practice restraints and observances, for example, by telling the truth, practicing non-violence, and observing inner and outer cleanliness. They practice sense control by placing a ceiling on and restricting their desires, and they practice concentration and meditation through daily light meditation, a salient feature of the SSEHV program. They also practice postures, which benefit their bodies, making them healthy and flexible, and their minds, which become clearer and more focused as a result. All of these practices bring them closer to God, which is the eighth and final limb of yoga.

Some yoga postures taught at the school
mountain posture angular posture extension posture mighty posture eagle posture
tree posture easy posture adept’s posture hero posture thunderbolt posture
baby posture tortoise posture stick posture bound angle posture knee head posture
back extension posture sideways seated angle posture seated angle posture stomach turning around posture downward facing dog posture
locust posture cobra posture bow posture wind-releasing posture lying-down thunderbolt posture

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Dynamic Value Parenting Workshops

To strengthen the link between home and school, and to help parents reinforce values at home and understand their key role as role models, the school has made a15-week course in Dynamic Value Parenting mandatory for all Sathya Sai School parents. This is made clear to all prospective parents at admission time.

Dedicated volunteers have conducted the Value Parenting Workshops on Saturday mornings at the school since 2002. The feedback from parents who have graduated from the program has been unanimously positive. Participating parents agree that the tools acquired at the workshop have empowered them to significantly improve family relationships and discipline in the home.

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Family Nights

To help parents with children in the same grade get to know and learn from each other, the school introduced the concept of FAMILY NIGHTS. It is hoped that Class Family Nights will provide parents with children in the same grade opportunities to:

For the academic year September 2003-June 2004, we began the family interactions with a Garden Party for the Junior Kindergarten parents on September 23. Parents of our youngest and newest students met with Mrs. Prem, the Kindergarten teacher and other school staff over tea and snacks to learn about the enriched curriculum in place. Parents especially enjoyed the ice-breaker session and the special presentation on Education in Human Values by Ms. Bahadoorsingh (former Grade 3 teacher).

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/saica3/public_html/sathyasaischool/templates/jelf/scripts/functions.php on line 76 School ShotThe Grades 3 and 4 Family Night, held on November 7, 2003 was moderated by Ms. Bahadoorsingh and Mr. Greenwood who explained the provincial standardization testing EQAO. Our current Grade 4 students took the test last year in Grade 3 and their results speak well of our high academic standards when compared to the provincial averages. Parents received useful information and tips on the EQAO exam which the current Grade 3 students will be taking later this year.

At the Grades 1 & 2 Family Night on Jan. 23, 2004, Dr. Nithya Ramani, a school parent and a medical practitioner, addressed the parents on the value of proper nutrition for maintaining good health among children. In addition, every student spoke on the occasion. Students delivered speeches on their favourite subject and the values they draw from it. Family Nights are a great setting for good food and informal interaction among parents, staff and students. At the Sathya Sai School of Canada, we work like one big family headed by our Founder, Sathya Sai Baba.

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Club Days

In order to provide the students with as many learning opportunities as possible, our students enroll in an extra-curricular club that takes place once a week, during school hours. Some of the clubs that have been offered in the past are: music and dance, public speaking, arts and crafts, cross-stitching, chess, drama and recorder. These extra-curricular activities allow students to learn new skills or polish up skills in an area that interests them. The clubs are run by the teachers and students from all grades are invited to participate in the club of their choice.

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Winter Fun

What's the one thing that most characterizes our wonderful nation? The long, cold and snowy winters of course! As the saying goes, if you can't beat them. join them! In this light, every winter, we take the students out to enjoy all that a beautiful winter day in Canada has to offer. The annual "winter fun day" is always a big success. We have toboggan races, snowman building contests, three-legged races, and so much more. Then, at the end of the day, we all come back inside to warm ourselves up with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, lovingly prepared by one of our many day time volunteers. The students learn how to cooperate with each other, it's great exercise, and it helps everyone enjoy the winter months.

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